Thursday, June 19, 2008

disney world is so much fun

we had such a great time at disney. i think we hit every ride and every event at 4 parks. we went to sea world, magic kingdom, animal kingdom and hollywood studios. and we somehow managed to go to downtown disney and play at the pool a few days. we needed more hours in the day for that trip for sure. the highlight of the trip was seeing nolan with buzz lightyear. it brings a smile to my face now thinking of how he interacted with buzz. ethan turned 5 at hollywood studios and we had 2 of their cousins with us. i have to say it was a vacation to remember. i've taken tons of photos and i'm determined to do something with them. i have to for the kids, both mine and my niece and nephew. tomorrow we are headed to charlotte for a surprise for my dh. i'm terrible with surprises so i'm not sure how i've not told all this time. my plants are growing like crazy and yes i'm sticking to the watering schedule here in town. it's hard to believe that things can grow with only 25 minutes of water every other day. we have raspberries that we are picking and eating right off the plant. how great is that? any day we should have squash and zucchini too.


Aimee said...

so glad you had an awesome time- it really is a magical place, isn't it? where did you guys stay? we plan on going back in a few years and I am already collecting data...hee hee.

anyway, so good to hear from the beautiful Shani and hope to see more Disney pics soon.

Jilliene Designs said...

yummy! I wish we have planted some fruit this year. I just cannot seem to grow fruit though. Last year we got 1 strawberry out of 6 plants and it wasn't very sweet. I can't wait to see pics of your garden!