Sunday, June 22, 2008

the surprise was...

TOBY KEITH in concert and backstage! i went to college with a guy that is in toby keiths band so i called him up and asked him to set me up with tickets for chad's birthday. well he did. i told chad to bring a bathing suit and a tie. he couldn't imagine what the surprise might be. we drove to charotte and my dear niece watched the boys while we went with two of our friends to the concert. i haven't been to a concert in a loooong while so i didn't know that i couldn't take my camera in. i hear this and come up with a genius plan. i had my friend put my lenses in her purse and then i carried the camera in my bag. i was able to get in but they stopped her and took my zoom lens. they said we could come pick it up after the concert. after the concert my friend invited us backstage and so when we went to get the lens... they were closed. so my cool zoom lens sits in charlotte (4 hours from me) until monday. nice. but we got to go backstage at the concert and i got to see my friend from college.


Aimee said...

oh my, your zoom lens---

another trip to Charlotte then, huh/

maybe you can do a day trip to the zoo.

have a wonderful day,


amy said...

well it sounded good in theory didn't it??? who knew they'd be closed!!

Cameron said...

Very cool surprise! Sorry about the zoom lens... did you get it back yet?