Thursday, June 26, 2008

queen of something challenge

i'm making this post so that i can save a place for my queen card challenge. i currently hold the "Queen of Chaos" title. "QOC" for those that have never been crowned. with this title comes alot of responsibility. i mean you have to be ready to run outside in your pajamas when your 2 year old escapes after breakfast. you must always tell your children that they're not going to go to the pool if they don't behave. as QOC you have to be ready for any and all events. if you find out 20 minutes before that your inlaws are on their way over for dinner, you get to really flaunt that QOC title.
i'm delighted to wear this crown. indeed i am but the title that i covet is the Queen of Completion. now that's a title that sounds fun!
i will get a card done. it may be by the time the next challenge comes around but i'm going to conquer it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

the surprise was...

TOBY KEITH in concert and backstage! i went to college with a guy that is in toby keiths band so i called him up and asked him to set me up with tickets for chad's birthday. well he did. i told chad to bring a bathing suit and a tie. he couldn't imagine what the surprise might be. we drove to charotte and my dear niece watched the boys while we went with two of our friends to the concert. i haven't been to a concert in a loooong while so i didn't know that i couldn't take my camera in. i hear this and come up with a genius plan. i had my friend put my lenses in her purse and then i carried the camera in my bag. i was able to get in but they stopped her and took my zoom lens. they said we could come pick it up after the concert. after the concert my friend invited us backstage and so when we went to get the lens... they were closed. so my cool zoom lens sits in charlotte (4 hours from me) until monday. nice. but we got to go backstage at the concert and i got to see my friend from college.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

disney world is so much fun

we had such a great time at disney. i think we hit every ride and every event at 4 parks. we went to sea world, magic kingdom, animal kingdom and hollywood studios. and we somehow managed to go to downtown disney and play at the pool a few days. we needed more hours in the day for that trip for sure. the highlight of the trip was seeing nolan with buzz lightyear. it brings a smile to my face now thinking of how he interacted with buzz. ethan turned 5 at hollywood studios and we had 2 of their cousins with us. i have to say it was a vacation to remember. i've taken tons of photos and i'm determined to do something with them. i have to for the kids, both mine and my niece and nephew. tomorrow we are headed to charlotte for a surprise for my dh. i'm terrible with surprises so i'm not sure how i've not told all this time. my plants are growing like crazy and yes i'm sticking to the watering schedule here in town. it's hard to believe that things can grow with only 25 minutes of water every other day. we have raspberries that we are picking and eating right off the plant. how great is that? any day we should have squash and zucchini too.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

what have i been doing?

i cannot think of anything specifically that i have been doing but i know i haven't been blogging. i guess it's because i've changed a few diapers, been to a few t-ball practices, watered and watered my new plants, and showered (hmmm. i think).
my plants are going crazy. i can't get over the fact that i have planted stuff and it's still growing. i still haven't figured out how to send pictures to my blog from my phone though.
we are off to disney for 4 days. my sweet baby boy will be turning 5 while we are at the parks. he is super excited because they are having star wars weekend while we are there. he loves star wars and i'm not sure why. he's seen the first one but not in awhile. we are taking two cousins too. now, how do i keep my plants alive while i'm gone? it's like having a pet.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

phone post

finally figuring out how to post from my phone. Loving my iPhone because I can get email and look at stuff online while I'm out! It's been especially great for looking things up about my couponing when I'm in a store. Plus I can look up addresses while I'm out.. Of course I pull over before I type. I'm not sure how people text and drive. Seems crazy 2 me. But I am an abbreviator now! It's to hard to type everything right? Now let's see if I can post a pic from here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

project complete

today we finished up the front beds and i must say i am quite proud. wow. who knew the muscle groups that get worked when doing yard work? i am so very sore. but i have both my beds done and they look so great. it feels good to dig in the dirt and be outside. the great thing is having the boys right with me to dig and find worms. they love being outside. since we are having water restrictions in georgia we haven't been able to use the water hose as much as they would like. when the boys see me turn on the hose they fall over themselves to get wet. they love the water and recently i introduced them to "water balloons." now they ask me about water balloons everyday. people should always have water balloons available. i think tomorrow i'm going to get a strawberry plant. watch out for me. it's official. i have a new hobby. growing stuff.