Thursday, June 5, 2008

what have i been doing?

i cannot think of anything specifically that i have been doing but i know i haven't been blogging. i guess it's because i've changed a few diapers, been to a few t-ball practices, watered and watered my new plants, and showered (hmmm. i think).
my plants are going crazy. i can't get over the fact that i have planted stuff and it's still growing. i still haven't figured out how to send pictures to my blog from my phone though.
we are off to disney for 4 days. my sweet baby boy will be turning 5 while we are at the parks. he is super excited because they are having star wars weekend while we are there. he loves star wars and i'm not sure why. he's seen the first one but not in awhile. we are taking two cousins too. now, how do i keep my plants alive while i'm gone? it's like having a pet.


jwc said...

hey, shani!

you're watering your plants? shame on you. just kidding. we water ours, too. although the ferns on my front porch are getting brown already. the back porch is looking good.

disney... sweet. say hello to mickey & princess leia for us. have a ball.


Sooz said...

enjoy DISNEY and post more PICS!! We miss ya!