Saturday, May 10, 2008

i've been planting

i haven't been blogging because i've been out in the yard.... PLANTING. holy moly. i have never been a green thumb kind of gal. i've always admired those that could do dazzling things with plants but i've never thought i might pick up a shovel and actually plant something MYSELF. well i have. in fact i have planted: squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cilantro (my favorite herb) and tons of flowers. ha. how did this happen? now every morning i run outside and check on everything and water and do all that green thumb kind of stuff. i'm a super excited to see if i can grow a squash. i mean seriously if i can grow something and then cook it. now that would be amazing. i guess since i'm about to be 40 i'm taking on new challenges. and now i can say that planting helps with that creative outlet. i find that i am enjoying planting as much as i like taking photos and writing. now off to look up what else i can grow around here.


Jilliene Designs said...

isn't it an incredible feeling to be growing real food! I love having a garden. I feel more connected and self sufficient. yea for you. Keep us posted on the growth!

Cameron said...

Good luck! And start finding recipes to use zucchini NOW, ha ha! I love zucchini so I love that whenever you grow it you get enough to feed the whole neighborhood. :) Keep us updated!

Aimee said...

we've had a garden the last two years--- every year you will learn something new- squash is a pretty easy one--- you should be swimming in it soon enough-- have fun! wait until you see your kids faces when the first veggie starts growing. it is the best.

happy mother's day

jwc said...

super fabulous, shani. take pictures. (:

can't wait to see your new growth.

we've had a garden our whole lives. all the men in our family worked on a new one last spring. this year everyone was too busy so my grandfather (84) planted the whole thing himself (sad isn't it?). it only took a week to see the green.

can't wait for those tomatoes.