Thursday, May 15, 2008

project complete

today we finished up the front beds and i must say i am quite proud. wow. who knew the muscle groups that get worked when doing yard work? i am so very sore. but i have both my beds done and they look so great. it feels good to dig in the dirt and be outside. the great thing is having the boys right with me to dig and find worms. they love being outside. since we are having water restrictions in georgia we haven't been able to use the water hose as much as they would like. when the boys see me turn on the hose they fall over themselves to get wet. they love the water and recently i introduced them to "water balloons." now they ask me about water balloons everyday. people should always have water balloons available. i think tomorrow i'm going to get a strawberry plant. watch out for me. it's official. i have a new hobby. growing stuff.


amy said...

that picture of your boys on your header is adorable.

Jilliene Designs said...

I Love your new header! What gorgeous boys!