Tuesday, May 6, 2008

artists way finale

this morning i will be meeting with my artists way group to finish up our book study. it's been interesting. these last few months have been a great time for me to rekindle my artists way. so today as i go off to my last meeting i ask myself, "what have i learned on this journey?"

to listen and respect my true artist.
my inner critic is some kind of powerful. but i can choose NOT to listen.
stirring among other artists is inspiring and helpful.
to move forward. do something.

and in other non related stuff... i found this website. http://www.babynamesworld.com/meaning_of_Shani.html i didn't know the meaning of my name. it says shani is hebrew and means crimson. i find this kind of stuff fascinating. but i also find birth order pretty interesting too. crimson? there's a meaning behind there somewhere. go look up your name.


Sooz said...

How cool....your Friday RED day and then today you find out your name means CRIMSON. I love it. I think red is indeed your color.

I hope my name means BUBBLEGUM PINK...or maybe CELERY GREEN. I will let you know! : )

Cameron said...

I agree with Sooz... super cool!

My name means crooked nose, ha ha! :P I always look at these sites hoping someday one of them will say it means something else, but so far no such luck. :)

cynthiafriesehassanein said...

Hi I found your site through Amy one of the other inspired girls. I love artist way!!! Such amazing book. I am a huge fan of the Morning pages exercise from the book. It was great reading your blog.

amy said...

i LOVE that tree picture!!!!

Jilliene Designs said...

I want to do a book club around the Artist Way. How Wonderful! I want to see some of your work. Please post something soon!