Sunday, April 27, 2008

mud, iPhone, and little people words

somehow we ended up on the mud trails. every bump we would go over the boys would say, "cool" and "whoa". ethan also has a new word that he uses alot... "awesome." chad had a serious car wash after we were finished while the boys and i went home to get cleaned up.
i got an iphone. how cool is that? i didn't even know that i really wanted an iphone but now that i have it. well let's just say that it is "awesome." of course it's going to take me weeks to figure out how to use it. plus i've got to figure out how to get my stuff from my dell axim and my old cell phone and my ipod. it sure will be nice having everything in one place though. yeah for me.
ethan told me that we are going to have to send nolan to another family if he keeps running off. i always wonder what makes little people think of these things. i love hearing the funny things that roll out of their mouth. i was telling nolan that i loved him more than rainbows, and presents, etc. etc. he said, "you love me more than coffee?" yeah and i haven't had a cup of coffee for over a month now.


Cameron said...

Shani--love the mud! Your family is ADORABLE!!! Do you make your own collages or do you use an easy-peasy program?

robinegg12 said...

tell me that's not a hummer in the picture! And an iphone - i want one and i don't want one all at the same time...must hear more.